Personal Trainers

Conny Pertl - Certified Personal Trainer/Sports Coach

Professional Experience:

Owner of  Fitnesscoach sàrl
Personal Trainer/Sports Coach at Fitnesscoach
Fitness Expert with RTL television for various television shows
Fitness Expert for RTL Radio 
Official Partner ING Night Marathon Luxembourg
Running School: Running School Luxembourg


Diplomas and Certificates:

Personal Trainer/Sports Coach Diploma with the DTA
(Deutsche Trainer Akademie - Sporthochschule Köln)
Diploma in Weight Management
Diploma in Prevention of Osteoporoses, Arthritis and Diabetes
Diploma: Nutritional Coach
Diploma: Coach in Sports Nutrition

Diploma in KCA (Kinetic Chain Assessment Specialist) London
- Posturology, functional movement and muscle testing

TRX Certified Instructor - STC Level 1

Mental Coach: stress management, prevention of burnout and how to boost your level of motivation


Scientific Works or Publications:
Advice for Getting in Shape for the Magazine ‘Revue’ (circulation of approximately 140.000 copies)
Kachen Magazin - Blog on Paléo Nutrition

Internships and Courses:
Various Courses, Internships and currently in training programs in London, Cologne, Berlin and Munich

Languages: German – English – Luxembourgish - French



Constanze Pertl completes Marathon des Sables in 2015

The Marathon des Sables is widely regarded as the toughtest footrace on Earth.  It is a six-day, multi-stage race in the Moroccan Sahara, during which competitors must carry all their food, clothing and equipment across the 260 km course.
The longest single stage was 91 km long.