Personal Trainer

Owner of Fitnesscoach

“Deliver Personal Training service that ensure my clients to receive high quality personal attention, Motivation and knowledge based on many years of experience and furthermore continuing professional development and to be innovative in this field in Luxembourg
– Conny Pertl, asked about her intention

Certified Personal Trainer
Nutritional Health Coach
Mental Coach
Kinetic Chain Assessment Specialist
Master Certification Cologne
Fitness Expert with RTL Television
Fitness Expert for RTL Radio
Official Partner ING Night Marathon Luxembourg
Running School Luxembourg

Diplomas and Certificates:
Diploma in Personal Training / Sports Coaching, DTA Cologne
Diploma in Weight Management
Diploma in Prevention of Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Diabetes
Diploma in Nutrition Coaching
Diploma in Sports Nutrition
Certified as Kinetic Chain Assessment specialist, Formation - London *
Qualified TRX Coach
Certified in Mental Coaching
*Kinetic Chain Assessment is designed to identify dysfunction within the human movement system

Advice for Getting in Shape – Magazine Revue with more than 20 publications, Telecran,
Delano, Paperjam, Desirs, City Mag, Celebrate, Yasmine

Blog on Paléo Nutrition – Kachen Magazin

Internships and Courses:
Various Courses, Internships and currently in training programs in London, Cologne, Berlin and Munich

Languages: German – English – Luxembourgish - French



Did you know...?

Constanze Pertl completes Marathon des Sables in 2015

The Marathon des Sables is widely regarded as the toughtest footrace on Earth.  It is a six-day, multi-stage race in the Moroccan Sahara, during which competitors must carry all their food, clothing and equipment across the 260 km course. The longest single stage was 91 km long.