Empower a Healthier You

Nobody wants to end up with lackluster due to expensive and busy gyms with less than adequate equipment and facilities. At Fitnesscoach we focus to create the best experience for you possible with the time, the attention and the quality training you deserve. Our vision is to empower a Healthier You through incorporating fitness and nutrition as a part of your everyday life.

How do you see yourself?

  • Stressed
  • Overweight
  • Suffering backache
  • Constantly tired
  • Unhappy
  • You're preparing for a sports season: Golf, Ski, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.

If one of these statements applies to you, we can help you.
Our method includes 3 main axes: Sport - Mental - Food


Sport - Improve your core

Work all your muscles from the superficial to the deeper core using your own bodyweight and improving your core. Being active is great for your physical health. Evidence shows that fitness improves your mental wellbeing as well.

Mental - Get active for mental wellbeing

It's easy to think that mental health issues don't concern us, but in fact a quarter of us will have problems with our mental wellbeing at some point in our lives. Boost your level of motivation, manage personal stress and prevent burnout by a personal training program tailored specifically for you.

Food - Food as source of energy and life

A healthy, nutritious diet can help you look and feel your best and is easier to manage than you might think. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health which is necessary for any kind of activities. It can be simple, too.